The Ox Coast – meat Restaurant with Epinal in the Vosges (88)

In the middle of the old city, with two steps of the Basilica Holy Maurice, discover or rediscover the restaurant the Ox Coast.

Since more than 20 years, the restaurant specialist in all the regional preparations and meats cooked with the miles ways.

For the amateurs “Flavours of the tripe butcher”, you will be able to taste the pig's trotters roasted or with the cream. Their famous andouillettes and the kidneys are flamed, with the cream or morels.

The others will enjoy the various porks or finally for the unconditional meat amateurs: net of ox at morels, coast of ox, piece-rates butcher, spider, pole… The Ox Coast also invites you to discover a wine selection (approximately 300 references), resulting from best type of vines for the pleasure of the fine oenologists or amateurs In a convivial, cordial environment and good child, Christophe Jolimaître and his team accommodate you the every day except Sunday and midday Saturday.

Restaurant recommended by the guide of the hitchhiker since 1996

Desire of change?

Discover the Sea Effect located at the 7 of the Place of the Hearth

A restaurant of fish specialities where Nicolas the chief and Marie are happy to accommodate you Tuesday evening on midday Sunday
And to finish your evening go to the Coal merchant within walking distance… in a cosy environment discover a very beautiful choice of wines and very beautiful references….


Restaurant La Côte de Boeuf - Siren : 378 418 321 - 3, Place de l'Atre 88000 EPINAL - France - Tel. : +33(0)3 29 35 14 13
Welcome on the site of the restoring Ox Coast with Epinal in the Vosges 88 downtown old city with two steps of the Basilica Holy Maurice. The ox coast is a restaurant of meat, abas and produced tripe butchers.
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